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There’s no room for error when patient lives are at stake. Our expert translators at The Language Corner are carefully selected, having technical expertise in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, among other medical specialties. We can assist with the following and more:

⇰ Clinical trial forms
⇰ Hospital forms and communications
⇰ Electronic Health Records
⇰ Regulatory documents
⇰ Patient literature
⇰ Pharmaceutical package inserts
⇰ Medical device manuals
⇰ Lab reports and test results 
⇰ Safety data sheets
⇰ Benefit plan information ​



Business and finance come with a language all their own. Organizations in these industries must establish trust within new and existing markets. With a thorough understanding of the importance of compliance standards and data privacy, The Language Corner's certified translators treat your business and finance translations with the accuracy and confidentiality you demand. No matter your niche, our team is well versed in regulatory requirements and internal guidelines. We have proven expertise in business and finance, assisting with the following and more:  

⇰ Accounting records
⇰ Corporate press releases
⇰ Business plans and proposals
⇰ Financial and annual reports
⇰ Merger and acquisitions documentation
⇰ Business loans
⇰ Client correspondence 



Real estate terminology is a language in and of itself. With endless amounts of paperwork and fine print, it’s important to work with a trusted translator who understands how to skillfully translate industry terms. Similarly, when it comes to listings, relying on a Google translation just won’t cut it. Translating property terminology requires style and skill. Our language experts can assist with the following and more: 

⇰ Developer fact sheets and brochures
⇰ Purchase and sale agreements
⇰ Disclaimers 
⇰ Listings 
⇰ Home loan documentation
⇰ Property surveys
⇰ Home inspections 
⇰ Social media 


Consumers want travel plans made easy, and they look to the digital space to facilitate their needs. Travelers know the world is at their fingertips, and they are ready to experience it.  Whether you operate an airline, bus company, cruise line, hotel or car rental agency, reaching members of a diverse global audience is key for your brand to continue thriving in the industry. Global consumers must understand your brand messaging, no matter the language. Our team of multilingual experts can assist with the following and more: 

⇰ Hotel website copy 
⇰ Destination and site brochures
⇰ Customer loyalty promotions 
⇰ Travel and dining guides
⇰ Local health guidelines 
⇰ Attractions and recreation listings
⇰ Social media


Contrary to popular belief, effective selling is not the same in every country, region, or language. Cultural nuances and specific terminology help your point and purpose to get across. For example, a U.S. audience differs greatly from a European one, and the same goes for other regions. Accurate advertising translation allows a brand’s message to reach a multitude of markets and to gain a strong global reputation. The advertising, publishing, and marketing fields require persuasive, dynamic language, and The Language Corner can get the job done. Allow us to assist you with: 

⇰ Product literature
⇰ Scripts for radio, online and TV ads
⇰ Contest rules
⇰ Direct mail 
⇰ Online and print copy
⇰ Social media
⇰ Disclaimers


In-person and online education are both important aspects of the student experience. Education and e-learning materials must be understood clearly. Rest assured that working with The Language Corner will help you reach your audience in your own voice by keeping your brand guidelines consistent while remaining culturally appropriate.  We can assist with the following and more:    

⇰ School district communications
⇰ E-learning platforms 
⇰ Student polls and surveys 
⇰ School safety protocols 
⇰ Teacher training manuals
⇰ Academic assessments
⇰ Student handbooks


Translation for human resources and legal needs must be both accurate and accessible for clients and employees. Legal translation can be complex, requiring knowledge of different judicial systems—whether by city, county, state, or country. Inaccurate or inconsistent translations of legal documents can have ramifications far beyond your message not being understood. The Language Corner’s skillful linguists are well versed in legal terminology at the local, national and international levels. We can assist with the following and more: 

⇰ Employee handbooks and forms
⇰ Contracts and leases
⇰ Summons and complaints
⇰ Acts of incorporation 
⇰ Fraud and malpractice cases
⇰ Litigation documents
⇰ Employee compensation and benefit plan information 


In the rapidly evolving industry that is entertainment—and all things related to art and culture—it’s imperative to be in the know. What is trendy and part of the collective language one day may be a long-gone cliché the next. Although entertainment translations are most challenging due to the changing nature of language, our team of linguistic experts is adept at providing culturally on-target messages. We can assist with the following and more: 

⇰ Press releases
⇰ Magazine articles
⇰ Sports trading cards
⇰ Exhibition and museum information
⇰ Show reviews
⇰ Player bios and stats
⇰ Restaurant menus
⇰ Newsletters 
⇰ Social media


Your website copy must be synchronized to the needs of global citizens and the demands of search engines. Yes, that means SEO is as much a priority to us as it is to you! Our team of professional translators will ensure your message is translated accurately and your keywords are integrated effortlessly. Allow our team of experts to assist you with:


⇰ E-newsletters
⇰ Website copy 
⇰ Product descriptions
⇰ Packaging and labels
⇰ Brand storytelling
⇰ User reviews 
⇰ User guides and instructions
⇰ Social media


The ebb and flow of technology trends and emerging industries can be a great challenge to convey on a global basis. Whether an automotive product sheet, textile label, telecommunications business strategy or manufacturing news, chances are communications must reach key international markets and different audiences. The Language Corner works with experts who have in-depth proficiency in technical subject matter and terminology. Contact us today if you need assistance with the following and more: 

⇰ Installation and maintenance guides 
⇰ User manuals
⇰ White papers
⇰ Technical training materials 
⇰ Systems data sheets 
⇰ Product guides and instructions
⇰ Patent applications
⇰ Software documentation


The mission of government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels is to provide a variety of services to their citizens, which are paid for by taxpayer dollars. If a large number of the population is linguistically diverse, it is the responsibility of those agencies to make that content available in languages that the citizenry can understand. Our ATA certified linguists are prepared to tackle a variety of government-issued content, from industry/policy experts versed in complex regulation to technical translators with the necessary credentials or clearances to handle sensitive documentation. We can help you with these and more:
⇰ Regulatory guidelines and enforcement
⇰ Programs and services for the disabled, VA, seniors, minorities
⇰ PSAs
⇰ Natural disasters and emergency preparedness
⇰ Community outreach
⇰ FAA, FDA, CDC, NIH communications

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